the newborn experience

Due to the longer posing time and the baby’s needs these sessions can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. As always, safety comes first! Not every baby will curl up into every pose and all precautions are taken to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe. I have a setup with large beanbag and other props that I travel to your house with at the time of the shoot. I have a selection of backdrops and props I bring, but if there is a family heirloom or special outfit you would like to include it is up to your discretion to provide, all ideas are welcome! I ask that a family member coordinate the day of the shoot and alert me within 48 hours of when the baby arrives to get your session on the calendar! Parents and siblings can be added into these sessions but our main focus is getting those great shots of the baby before they grow!

On location sessions


Turn around Time

Baby & Birthday Collection 

    2-3 Hour Long, Full Newborn session

    1 Hour Birthday Session (cakesmash optional) 

    Final Selection of 25 Images per Session

    Online Gallery & Personal Print release 

Newborn Collection  

 2-3 Hour Long, A full newborn session focuses on
baby only (1 family pose included) using a posing bean bag and colored wraps (headbands, hats, etc), blanket backdrops, and baskets or buckets customized to your color preference and style. Length of time is an estimate based on the needs of the baby

Final Selection of 25 Images are delivered from the session

Online Gallery & Personal Print release

The newborn images take extra attention in post production editing due to the nature of the newborns coloring, and skin so we take care of all retouching on the baby. Around 4 weeks after your session you will be emailed an online gallery of your photographs. The best images will be selected and edited before being uploaded. A disc will also be given with a limited print release. While you may order professional prints from the online gallery, you also have the disc to print on your own for personal use only.

Your baby's memories are important, so for those looking to capture it all we offer inclusive  1st Year packages. 

Our newborn packages start at $350 and include an in home session with an online gallery of professionally edited photographs and print release. For more details see below, and for full pricing please inquire by email!

Lifestyle  Newborn Collection 

    1 Hour Long, A lifestyle newborn session focuses on your new family in your home. No backdrops are setup, this session is all about your daily routine and the new baby in your element!

    Final Selection of 20 Images are delivered from the session

    Online Gallery & Personal Print release