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Until wedding planning begins you may have never heard of a “First Look” before. This is usually defined as the moment the couple sees each other for the first time, and takes place BEFORE the ceremony. People may get goosebumps at the thought of breaking a “tradition” of not seeing each other before the ceremony. I am actually going to tell you a few great reasons why a first look is a smart move that you may want to take advantage of on your wedding day!

Melissa & Peter chose a quiet location for their first look just between the two of them…and the photographers of course!

Lets face it the number one thing when starting to plan a wedding that always gets talked about no matter how far along in planning you are is BUDGET! The national average is around $33,000 for a wedding but most couples in New Jersey spend upwards of $60,000+ on their big day. If you are spending this money to make your day perfect, don’t you want to be there to enjoy it? Cocktail hour gets skipped by most couples as time for family, bridal party and bride and groom portraits. That can make people stressed, put a crunch on time, and not to mention you wanted some food too! I tell all my brides this, at my wedding due to some timing delays from us, I only got a tunafish on a cracker at my own cocktail hour!

Next best reason besides attending that beautiful wedding you have dreamed of and paid for? Less Stress!! You and your fiance are like two peas in a pod, enjoying every second of life since you’ve been together. Here comes the biggest day for you both but you can’t see or talk to each other until the day is half over?! Many couples say a first look relieves their nerves and stress after seeing each other. The rest of the the day is so much more relaxed and enjoyable when you get to spend it with your partner!

Chloe chose to make a grand entrance down the cascading staircase in front of their entire bridal party and families to meet Gavin for the first time on their big day!

Lastly, another benefit of (from your photographer’s perspective) it is to make sure you get these stunning portraits in natural light with so much time ahead of you that you can be present in the real moments of the day. You’ve probably scoured the internet, Pinterest, and all your favorite hashtags looking at inspiration right? Well I can bet that you probably didn’t even notice that the bright natural lighting in those gorgeous photos or the look of blue skies and cotton candy clouds played a part in you saving that inspiration photo to begin with.

While it may look like Liz & Brian had an intimate first look just between the two of them, their family and bridal party looked on with anticipation from the getting ready room at the Madison Hotel. You may be able to spot them in the windows!

The other option? If you wait to have that first moment of seeing each other as you are walking down the aisle! Some people want this big reaction or to let your entire guest list witness this special bridal moment. I have seen the entire spectrum of emotions run through my couples no matter which way it is done, and it can be just as sweet! The nerves, excitement and love radiate from these moments walking down the aisle, and I have seen some grooms have the most memorable, and some of my favorite reactions too!

Chris has, hands down, my favorite, sweetest, and most memorable reaction for a groom seeing his bride Giuliana for the first time at the Park Savoy coming down the stairs with her dad!

In the end, you can make a good argument for either side and the choice is ultimately yours to make. I am your photographer to document your wedding day celebration however you dreamed of it, and I am cheering you on along this wedding planning process whatever choice you make! Happy planning!


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