September 23, 2016

Fashion for Hope Charity Event | New Jersey Photographer

So as many of you know I belong to an amazing group called the Rising Tide Society. It was started by two photographers I had the pleasure of meeting at their workshop two years ago, and has blossomed into something amazing! In the spirit of community over competition local chapters all over the world hold meetings monthly called Tuesdays Together and all creatives business owners and entrepreneurs are welcomed to join. There is discussion topics each month and questions, but more important is the people involved and the relationships formed.

In my local North Jersey chapter a bunch of creatives got together  at the end of September to volunteer their time and talents to help out Fashion for Hope at Blowout Salon in Morristown for a bridal fashion show, and a vendor marketplace. From start to finish all many helping hands and tons of work behind the scenes made for a successful event to raise money for the Estrella Cedeno Foundation!


ex8a7739_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a7794_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a7818_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a7837_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a7808_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a7850_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a7885_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a7896_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a7967_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a8460_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a8164_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a8233_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a8361_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanex8a8394_brielle-kaschak-photography-breakers-on-the-oceanFor more information about the event, and vendors visit their website at:


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