Photographer, Wife, Mom, loving all things Disney, NY Giants, & all the sweets!

Began in Middle school

my happily ever after

Growing up as a fan of any princess movie, I loved the ending where the characters got married, and you caught a peek at the few moments of a wedding celebration. Little did I know the beginning of my happily ever after would start in the school cafeteria! I am lucky enough to be married to my amazing husband John, who I met and started dating in middle school...that's right, during 8th grade when I still had braces! 
We were married in March of 2013 after dating for about 10 years, and the New Jersey winter offered up its own white confetti snow for our day! In May of 2018 we were blessed with OUR FIRST BABY!! John Theodore ("JT") was born! We are absolutely obsessed with him and are loving every twist, turn, and speed bump along this new journey together as parents.

Cozy days with
my loves

I love spending time with my husband John, and little boy John Theodore ("JT"). Daily routines include kids songs on repeat, building block towers, and taking him to the park to play on his favorite...the swings! He has the sweetest smile, but a good belly laugh from him can turn anyone's day around! I am totally happy not leaving our jammies for a lazy afternoon on the couch with them!


Yup, that's right I totally love that cartoon mouse and the empire built around it! I love all of the creative imagination behind the work they put out. I cannot help but get sucked in when a classic is on the TV and feel like a kid again! As something fun when the baby arrived, I decided to make each of his monthly milestone photos Disney themed!!

in the Fall

If you know me, you would know that I love the NY Giants Football team! I love when couples include personal details throughout their wedding day, I  chose to include an embroidered patch as my something blue hidden in the tulle of my dress! Fun fact, I even got a chance to be on the field and as a flag holder during the national anthem during a pre-season game, and it was AWESOME!! 

ALL sweets!

I have a sweet tooth for any candy ( Reese's Big Cup? yes please!), and even sweet wine. You name it and I probably love it, the sweeter the better! Fun Fact: anyone who has photographed a wedding with me knows I ALWAYS have some sort of candy on me during the day as a quick sugar fix for me or a hungry bridal party that has not gotten to eat.


I have a Bachelors of Fine Art  degree with a concentration in photography, but I have always loved having a camera. My parents are probably thrilled they aren't paying for disposable cameras to get back 36 pictures of my room anymore! So, in my spare time,  I choose to volunteer my talents at Lauren's First and Goal Foundation yearly football camp, and serve local families for the  Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep organization.




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THE photograpy PROCESS 

Whether it is a brand new baby arriving home or a lovely couple entering married life I want to document YOU and your story. For me, the work does not end when I see you, but tons of work goes in behind the scenes prepping, photographing, and putting on the finishing touches in post production editing. 

Delivering a high quality photograph is important to me, so I make sure to take the time to make them just right. I believe in preserving a memory that is just you as you were, not some fake retouched version that was not reality. I love photographing in natural light, and how it can enhance the everyday into something extraordinary! 



I believe in being genuine and providing my clients with clear and honest communication throughout their experience. This extends to my photography editing style as well, as I prefer to keep true to life colors and natural light to create images. 

Brielle Kaschak Photography



I believe all of my couples and family clients, regardless of budget, deserve an amazing experience personalized to them. I work hard to put personal touches in everything I do, while providing my clients with timeless photographs to share with their families for many years to come.

I strive to make all my sessions and weddings an easy going and fun experience for everyone. I've been known to pull out anything from candy to a sewing kit from my camera bag to keep the day stress free. 

Easy Going