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As a photographer, I am cautiously optimistic and always hopeful when someone asks to take a photo of me it will turn out more than a blurry mess with part of my body cropped out. When it turns out a complete blur, I just have to laugh and keep it anyway for the family album. It’s very similar when planning a trip for vacation with your family…expert advice is always best! I have come up with a few quick posing prompts to capture your next family vacation without having to ask for help. Or if  I do need to ask for help…I am at least ready with a go-to pose in to quickly gather myself before I look like the person talking in a photo or halfway missing!

When it comes to vacations my sister in law, Lisa, is a travel agent and Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. She KNOWS her stuff when it comes to the Disney parks and properties! Having someone to go to for questions that has knowledge about perks, packages and what to do to keep everyone smiling is such a great tool for planning your next vacation. Now more than ever, I cannot imagine traveling without someone who knows the latest updates, scheduling, and all the good info about planning with you. The best part is her services are completely free to you!!

I thought it would be a fun idea since there are not as many photo pass opportunities at Walt Disney World right now to give her a few quick prompts to help document her latest trip! Use these prompt to capture your next family vacation at Disney or wherever you can get away to next!

1. Classic location from a new angle: Take your average selfie from a new spot on or off Main Street! Change up angles on the most photographed spots around the park. Think side, back, or below your classic spots photo squeeze in extra close and smile! I love how Lisa and Mike were still able to get Spaceship Earth without and even some of the dreary weather of the day in this photo!

2. Holding hands: Flip your phone to front facing camera and and line up an epic background behind you. Maybe it’s your favorite attraction, a quiet spot to hang out, or a delicious dessert behind you as backdrop. Think of this as a post card photo of a special part of your trip!

3. The Classic couple shot: If you can grab a cast member or random person walking by to grab a quick photo of you two in any location remember to make a “T”! Have your guy standing with their shoulders square to the camera hands in pockets, and the girl turn with their belly button facing him near his elbow and wrap both your hands around his arm and smile! The more you create curves in the bend of your arm and lets it releases the tension of a locked arm or knee and the more flattering for all the curves!

To get the best and most knowledgable information if you are looking to book your next vacation, especially a Disney vacation to help you plan all the magic, Visit Lisa’s website  Dream Along With Lisa . Or follow along on any of her next adventure on instagram @dreamalongwithlisa


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