3 Posing prompts for your next Vacation! | Brielle Kaschak Photography

As a photographer, I am cautiously optimistic and always hopeful when someone asks to take a photo of me it will turn out more than a blurry mess with part of my body cropped out. When it turns out a complete blur, I just have to laugh and keep it anyway for the family album. […]

Benefits of hiring a professional newborn photographer| Brielle Kaschak Photography

This blog post would have been written by me completely different if it was before I had my own little one. I am still new at this whole motherhood thing and doing my best to learn certain things as I go, but I know I made the right decision by hiring a newborn photographer so […]

Bridal Show Tips & Tricks for Brides!

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Congratulations, you’re engaged! The excitement has not gone away, but the reality of planning a wedding has set in! Martha Stewart and The Knot magazines are sitting next to your desk, you’ve searched Pinterest and have been completely swarmed by choice of colors, dresses, hairstyles, centerpieces, invitations, and wedding etiquette and that is just the […]

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Those early days are blurry and I know it's easy to feel like a hot mess! Grab our free guide to capturing great milestone photos without missing a beat. 

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