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This blog post would have been written by me completely different if it was before I had my own little one. I am still new at this whole motherhood thing and doing my best to learn certain things as I go, but I know I made the right decision by hiring a newborn photographer so I was not stressed with the task of trying it on my own. With my son just about 8 months old now, looking back at his newborn portraits already seems like a lifetime has gone by. When you hear people who have kids say “It goes by so fast”, the cliche rings true. Bringing him home feels like it was yesterday even though we have celebrated so many milestones since.

If aesthetics alone do not sell you, then please think about the safety. So many people turn to Pinterest for photo inspiration. While I am a huge fan myself of the social media platform, we all have seen those posts about a Pinterest fail too. When it comes to newborn babies they are so fragile in regards to immune system, bodies, and skin that it important to be knowledgable about what poses they can and cannot do. One of the biggest misconceptions is that these beautiful images actually involve the hanging baby from a tree branch in a lightweight swaddle, baby propped up in a shoe, etc. without support. In truth, there is a team who probably took extra care and a TON of time and patience to get just one photograph. Someone was behind the scenes supporting the baby’s head, body and was completely photoshopped out when the two or more images were merged together.

On the left a cell phone picture my husband took to send this to our parents to show them what we were up to. On the right, the same setup taken with a professional camera, lighting, lens, and edited by me.

What I do know is that I am so thankful I was feeling well enough after we brought JT home to take some portraits of him as a newborn myself, as well as have someone come to our home to get pictures of our family together (So I could be in some too)! Not everyone I have talked to had an easy recovery from a c-section surgery or natural delivery. One thing I do know that is the same across the board is that there is a HUGE difference between a cell phone photograph and a photograph taken by a professional.

Left: Iphone photo in the hospital, me trying to grab a picture of JT’s cute head of hair in his daddy’s hands. On the right: the professional photo I took once at home (My husband is still just in an old t-shirt from college in the photo in the right and it’s not a huge distraction from the cute baby).

Photographs will become the cherished things you look back on to show these little ones when they are grown, don’t let this time slip away without documenting it well!


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