Lucky One First Birthday at Casa Bianca | Brielle Kaschak Photograph

The Rainbow Hello! Right before stay at home orders went out due to the Corona Virus, Emma along with her family and friends celebrated her first birthday! This “Lucky One” themed birthday party did not disappoint with an amazing setup of photos, desserts, and fun for the kids too. Upon entering Casa Bianca in Oak […]

Mackenna | NJ newborn photographer

newborn- baby- family-photographer-photography-children-NYC-PA-New-Jersey-Newborn-Photos-NJ newborn-nj baby-pa baby-pa newborn

Newborn portrait sessions can easily become some of my favorites! The anticipation of the baby’s arrival brings so much excitement for the family. So for me making portraits that not only capture all their perfect little features, but hold meaning to the family makes these photographs so much more memorable!! Mackenna’s newborn session I planned with […]

Jackson’s Newborn Session | NJ Baby Photographer

newborn- baby- family-photographer-photography-children-NYC-PA-New-Jersey-Newborn-Photos-NJ newborn-nj baby-pa baby-pa newborn

I am a newborn photographer serving North New Jersey and the surrounding area. It gives me such pleasure to take a baby’s ‘first’ professional portraits, and Jackson’s session was no different! Jackson was a dream baby to photograph with perfect skin, and the best variety of props for his session, and did I mention he […]

NJ Maternity Photography | Bernardsville

The baby will be here before you know it! Sharing in the joy and excitement during a maternity session is so much fun, especially when it’s a surprise to everyone if it will be a boy or a girl!! I got to spend the afternoon with a great couple at a brand new location I […]

Sophia’s Christening | NJ Baby Photographer

family-photographer-photography-children-NYC-PA-New-Jersey-Newborn-Photos-NJ newborn-nj baby-pa baby-pa newborn

Remember the beautiful little newborn girl I photographed a few months ago with the delicate cranberry tutu? Well I had the honor of being asked to photograph Sophia’s Christening celebration too!! A busy day where the stresses of getting little ones and a party together while still being on time for the church, makes the […]

NJ Newborn Photographer | Savannah

family-photographer-photography-children-NYC-PA-New-Jersey-Newborn-Photos-NJ newborn-nj baby-pa baby-pa newborn

I love my job for so many reasons, but the newborns I photograph hold a special place in my heart. They are so tiny, yet so perfect in every way. When I go to a home to photograph I am usually one of the first outsiders of the family who gets to spend time with the […]

NJ in home newborn photography | Sophia


Looking to have newborn photographs taken after your little one arrives? Look no further! I specialize in newborn photography and serve the New Jersey and New York area. Just a few months ago I was contacted by Rosa who was referred by a family friend, and was so excited for the arrival of her baby […]

NJ In-home Newborn Photography | Abigail


This session was just precious, a darling newborn just days old and a sweet big sister! When I arrived at their house and began to set up, Abigail was just barely asleep and cuddled into her bouncy chair. Most sessions start with a wrapped pose until the newborn can fall into a deep sleep, but […]

NJ In-home newborn photography | Elle

New Jersey New York Staten Island Newborn Family Portrait Photography

Warm and content cuddled into my blanket this little lady was the perfect baby during her session. She only made a stir after we started posing her on a few different props. At just 7 days old the delicate floral halo she wore complimented her smooth skin, and delicate little fingers that curled every time […]

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